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This paper gives an overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer. This is a jointly funded research partnership between IBM and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as part of the United States Department of Energy ASCI Advanced Architecture Research Program. Application performance and scaling studies have recently been initiated with partners at a(More)
Inductance effects in on-chip interconnects have become significant for specific cases such as clock distributions and other highly optimized networks [1,2]. Designers and CAD tool developers are searching for ways to deal with these effects. Unfortunately, accurate on-chip inductance extraction and simulation in the general case are much more difficult(More)
Physical implementations of quantum computers face the far from trivial problem of controlling the various sources of decoherence acting upon the quantum bits. A promising possibility is to explore the topological properties displayed by some quantum systems in order to build a topologically protected quantum bit. Recently, Ioffe and collaborators realized(More)
A method for logic gate delay assignment is described which achieves power minimization of digital logic while satisfying system timing. The logic gates are described by a single design parameter macromodel. A Newton optimization scheme is employed using exact sparse updating. Systems consisting of up to 1200 digital logic gates have been optimized. A(More)
—Waveform relaxation (WR) is a technique which can be used to solve large systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). It is especially suitable for the parallel solution of ODEs with multiple time scales, and has been successfully used for solution of electronic circuits and for solving partial differential equations (PDEs). The main issue limiting(More)