Albert Domingo

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This work describes the implementation of an Open Data platform fed by real-time data that are provided by different city sensor networks. The aim of the paper is to show how real-time data enrich Open Data portals and require a new architecture to deal with massive amounts of continuously flowing information. The paper introduces the concept of sensor(More)
White Spaces in the UHF bands are very interesting because of their potential use in rural communications, but their feasibility needs to be proven. This paper analyses the TV spectrum occupation in the region of Catalonia, Spain, because it will be one of the first EU regions where changes in the UHF band are going to be implemented. Those changes are(More)
Spectrum sensing is one of the key topics towards the implementation of future wireless services like SuperWiFi. This new wireless proposal aims at using the freed spectrum resulting from the analog-to-digital transition of TV channels for wireless data transmission (UHF TV White Spaces). The benefits range from better building penetration to longer(More)
—This paper offers an overview of the Commons for Europe (C4EU) project and the role of Bottom-up Broadband (BuB) in developing the information society. BuB is characterized by the fact that the beneficiaries of the networks actively participate in the planning, deployment and maintenance tasks. For the beneficiaries, this represent a paradigm shift from a(More)
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