Albert DeSimone

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We deal with quasistatic evolution problems in plasticity with softening, in the framework of small strain associative elastoplasticity. The presence of a nonconvex term due to the softening phenomenon requires a nontrivial extension of the variational framework for rate-independent problems to the case of a nonconvex energy functional. We argue that, in(More)
This paper explores in detail the workstation and network performance issues for multimedia conferencing and collaboration. For concreteness of exposition, we consider two generic multimedia workstations \conversing" over an Ethernet. In order to facilitate a continuous play-out of voice and video streams, a timely transport across the workstation and the(More)
We have embarked upon the development of a reusable Global Information Grid (DID) simulation platform in order to support GIG architecture, design and engineering. We followed a classical systems engineering approach to the design of the GIG simulation platform. We have identified a set of useful performance studies to perform related to GIG architecture(More)
Two fundamental components comprise successful communications planning: message creation and message distribution. This paper will focus on the marketing aspect of communication planning, using the general definition of "marketing" as "communicating something of value to the customer". Planned events - major system enhancements, new system implementations,(More)
We performed an investigation of the Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4) [9] behavior in the presence of intermittent satellite channels. Specifically, we developed an analytic model of BGP-4 state transitions and use this model to estimate bandwidth consumption of BGP-4 over the intermittent channels. We compare our model's estimates with fidelity simulation(More)
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