Albert D. Yang

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BACKGROUND Salmonella meningitis remains a threat to children below two years of age in both developing and developed countries. However, information on such infections has not been well characterized. We analyzed data related to twelve years of experience in order to clarify the comprehensive features of Salmonella meningitis in our patients, including(More)
BACKGROUND Morquio A syndrome is an autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease often resulting in life-threatening complications. Early recognition and proficient diagnosis is imperative to facilitate prompt treatment and prevention of clinical complications. METHODS Experts in Asia Pacific reviewed medical records focusing on presenting signs and(More)
PURPOSE We reviewed the cases of 33 patients from our clinic and 142 patients from the literature with congenital bronchopulmonary vascular malformations (BPVM), systematically analyzed the bronchopulmonary airways, pulmonary arterial supplies, and pulmonary venous drainages, and classified these patients by pulmonary malinosculation (PM). MATERIALS AND(More)
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