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A central component of a commonly used weight-loss procedure developed by Stuart (1967), which emphasizes situational engineering (SE), was compared to eating behavior control (EBC), a treatment employing reinforcement of changes in eating habits. A third treatment encouraged development of individuals' own applications of a model of self-control and(More)
1. Judith M. Abplanalp, Ph.D. 2. Paul Abplanalp, Ph.D. 3. Robert Ader, Ph.D. 4. Benjamin L. Allen, Jr., M.D. 5. Karl Altman, Ph.D. 6. Hugh V. Angle, Ph.D. 7. William A. Ayer, D.D.S., Ph.D. 8. Howard L. Bailit, D.M.D., Ph.D. 9. Ernest Barratt, Ph.D. 10. Cynthia D. Belar, Ph.D. 11. Larry Bloom, Ph.D. 12. Richard R. Bootzin, Ph.D. 13. Laurence A. Bradley,(More)
1. William Ayer, M.D. 2. Patricia R. Barchas, Ph.D. 3. Ned H. Cassem, M.D. 4. Daniel J. Cox, Ph.D. 5. Thomas L. Creer, Ph.D. 6. Theodore M. Dembroski, Ph.D. 7. Robert Edelberg, Ph.D. 8. George J. Ellis, III, M.D. 9. William W. Finley, Ph.D. 10. Wilbert Fordyce, Ph.D. 11. Leon Gordis, M.D. 12. Wayne A. Gordon, Ph.D. 13. Edward S. Katkin, Ph.D. 14. Francis J.(More)
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