Albert Cotton

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Antibodies were raised in rabbits by immunization with the heat-killed J5 mutant of Escherichia coli O111 (Rc chemotype). Serum antibodies were separated into purified IgG and IgM by sequential affinity chromatography on protein G-Sepharose and anti-rabbit IgG-Sepharose columns. J5 lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-specific IgG was prepared by affinity(More)
The photochemical disproportionation mechanism of [CpW(CO)3]2 in the presence of Lewis bases PR3 was investigated on the nanoand microsecond time-scales with Step-Scan FTIR time-resolved infrared spectroscopy. 532 nm laser excitation was used to homolytically cleave the W–W bond, forming the 17-electron radicals CpW(CO)3 and initiating the reaction. With(More)
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