Albert Chang

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Based on novel architecture, the 801 minicomputer project has developed a low-level storage manager that can significantly simplify storage programming in subsystems and applications. The storage manager embodies three ideas: (1) <italic>large virtual storage</italic>, to contain all temporary data and permanent files for the active programs; (2) the(More)
BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to develop immunologic reagents and a sensitive and specific immunoassay for human kallikrein 13 (hK13) and to examine the presence of hK13 in human tissues and biological fluids. METHODS Recombinant hK13 protein was produced and purified with use of a Pichia pastoris yeast expression system. The protein was used as(More)
BACKGROUND Kallikreins are a subgroup of serine proteases with diverse physiological functions. Many kallikrein genes are differentially expressed in various malignancies and prostate specific antigen (PSA; encoded by the KLK3 gene) is the best tumor marker for prostate cancer. Human glandular kallikrein (hK2; encoded by the KLK2 gene) is an emerging tumor(More)
Meningiomas are common brain tumors with somatostatin receptors that bind octreotide. We report the use of 111indium-octreotide brain scintigraphy (OBS) for the non-invasive differentiation of meningiomas from other cranial dural-based pathology. A retrospective analysis of our experience with OBS for non-invasive identification of meningiomas was(More)
Kallikreins (KLKs) belong to the serine protease family of proteolytic enzymes. Human pancreatic/renal KLK (KLK1) encodes for an enzyme that is involved in posttranslational processing of polypeptide precursors. The function of the other members of this gene family is currently unknown, but growing evidence suggests that many KLKs are implicated in(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary transplant vasculopathy (CAV) has been associated with both immunologic and nonimmunologic factors. The impact of preoperative ventricular assist device (VAD) support on the development of CAV has not been studied. To examine this, we obtained posttransplant coronary angiograms from a group of patients bridged with VAD and compared them(More)
We describe a reusable architecture and implementation framework for managing science processing pipelines for mission ground data systems. Our system, dubbed ``PCS'', for Process Control System, improves upon an existing software component, the OODT Catalog and Archive (CAS), which has already supported the QuikSCAT, SeaWinds and AMT earth science(More)
Seven hepatic enzymes were assayedin vitro in diabetic and control C57BL/Ks mice at 1, 2, and 41/2 month. An elevation in phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase and glucose-6-phosphatase was observed before the onset of hyperglycemia in db mice at the age of 1 month. At two months, these mice had hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia and high levels of(More)
The islets of Langerhans isolated from diabetic chinese hamsters had low insulin content, secreted less insulin and incorporated leucine-14C into the insulin fraction at a slower rate than the controls. Livers of these animals were heavier and contained normal levels of glycogen, and of soluble and microsomal proteins. The activities of eight hepatic(More)