Albert Castellet

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In this paper we present a new algehrwic analysis of the closure equation obtained for arbitrary single loop spatial kinematic chains, which allows us to design an eficient interval method for solving their inverse kinematics. The solution of a kinematic equation can be factored into a solution of both its rotational and its translational components. We(More)
The information required for solving the inverse kinematic problem associated with any single-loop spatial mechanism is essentially stored in the inverse kinematic solution set of the orthogonal spherical mechanism (SS ÿ 3 for short). The ®rst part of this paper is devoted to the characterization of SS ÿ 3 in terms of its connectivity, singularities and(More)
In this paper we describe a general procedure to solve the posi-tional inverse kinematics problem using an interval method. The classical interval Newton method is used together with speciic developed interval cuts over the closure equations. The algorithm uses a basic branch-and-bound procedure to obtain all solutions of the inverse positional problem of(More)
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