Albert Brugués de la Torre

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In this paper we present the Mobile computing with AGents and Publish subscribe for Intelligent pervasive hEalthcare (MAGPIE) platform. MAGPIE is an agent platform designed for the Android OS. The aim of the platform is to simplify the definition of Personal Health Systems (PHSs) to monitor chronic diseases. The agents running in the platform use a symbolic(More)
The focus of this research is in the definition of programmable expert Personal Health Systems (PHS) to monitor patients affected by chronic diseases using agent oriented programming and mobile computing to represent the interactions happening amongst the components of the system. The paper also discusses issues of knowledge representation within the(More)
This work describes the security architecture of MOSAIC, a protocol for clinical data exchange with multilateral agreement support. The blocks of the architecture are derived from a series of common attacks that can be done to the protocol. The fair exchange problem of the protocol is analyzed introducing the management messages that the agents must(More)
Personal Health Systems (PHS) are mobile solutions tailored to monitoring patients affected by chronic non communicable diseases. A patient affected by a chronic disease can generate large amounts of events. Type 1 Diabetic patients generate several glucose events per day, ranging from at least 6 events per day (under normal monitoring) to 288 per day when(More)
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