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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The effect of antioxidants on ageing type 2 diabetic (T2D) hearts during exercise is unclear. We hypothesized that GSH therapy during exercise reduces mitochondrial oxidative stress (mOXS) and cell death in ageing db/db mice hearts. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH The effect of GSH on cardiac mOXS and cell death was evaluated both in vivo and(More)
Blood and lymphatic vessels provide nutrients for the skin and fulfill important homeostatic functions, such as the regulation of immunologic processes. In this study, we investigated the development of blood and lymphatic endothelial cells in prenatal human skin in situ using multicolor immunofluorescence and analyzed angiogenic molecules by protein arrays(More)
Chromosomal aberrations test was applied to 12 chemically exposed painters and 13 occupationally non exposed subjects. The results showed a significant increase of heritable chromosomal aberrations level (chromatid breaks and chromatid gaps) in painters. The authors discussed the applicability of this test of the occupational health.
The skin is the first barrier against foreign pathogens and the prenatal formation of a strong network of various innate and adaptive cells is required to protect the newborn from perinatal infections. While many studies about the immune system in healthy and diseased adult human skin exist, our knowledge about the cutaneous prenatal/developing immune(More)
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