Albert Bokma

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The JISC funded IRIOS (Integrated Research Input and Output System) project developed a demonstrator integrating research information input (projects) and output (publications) datasets allowing data to be linked and exported in CERIF format. C4D (CERIF for Datasets), extends this platform to manage research datasets as outputs from research projects.(More)
The notion of supply chains has been current for some time in the literature and in practice. Recently this has been extended to consider so-called extended enterprises. The paper considers extensible ontologies as a principle for integrated information and knowledge management and for knowledge sharing. Providing links between companies for the purpose of(More)
There is a growing awareness in enterprises about the need for adequate Knowledge Management (KM) in the organisation as a key factor to sustainable competitive success of enterprises. As working patterns are rapidly changing and more flexible organisational structures are emerging, the individual " knowledge workers " have to keep track of information and(More)
The importance of electronic healthcare has caused numerous changes in both substantive and procedural aspects of healthcare processes. These changes have produced new challenges for patient privacy and information secrecy. Traditional privacy policies cannot respond to rapidly increased privacy needs of patients in electronic healthcare. Technically(More)
The aim of the Cerif4Datasets (C4D) project is to use CERIF to capture the metadata of research datasets, and integrate this metadata with that held on research projects and research outputs available on a central CERIF cloud. CERIF has so far concentrated on the core entities of organisations, people and publications and has some provisions for research(More)