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†Maria D Van Kerkhove1,2 Katelijn AH Vandemaele1, Vivek Shinde1, Giovanna Jaramillo-Gutierrez,1 Artemis Koukounari,2 Christl Donnelly,2 Luis O. Carlino,3 Rhonda Owen,4 Beverly Paterson,4 Louise Pelletier,5 Julie Vachon,5 Claudia Gonzalez,6 Yu Hongjie,7 Feng Zijian,7 Shuk Kwan Chuang,8 Albert Au,8 Silke Buda,9 Gerard Krause,9 Walter Haas,9 Isabelle(More)
In the present study, we examined whether fear of pain, dental fear, general indices of psychological distress, and self-reported stress levels differed between 40 orofacial pain patients and 40 gender and age matched control general dental patients. We also explored how fear of pain, as measured by the Fear of Pain Questionnaire-III (J Behav Med 21 (1998)(More)
Temporomandibular joint clicking is frequently a sign of craniomandibular disorders, and the etiologic predisposing, initiating, and perpetuating factors must be considered in its management. The present study assesses the usefulness of isokinetic exercises in the treatment of temporomandibular joint clicking. At the end of a 6-month test period, 18 of 22(More)
This study examined the success of titanium (Ti) removable partial dentures (RPDs) compared with that of cobalt-chromium (Co-Cr) RPDs using a randomized controlled clinical trial. Thirty-eight RPD patients were provided with either Co-Cr (20 patients) or Ti (18 patients) RPDs. The total numbers of dentures was 31 (13 maxillary, 18 mandibular) for Co-Cr and(More)
In the paper, two methods of ensuring high quality of the memory built-in self-test tools are presented. The described ideas illustrate general methods and are applicable to any commercial memory BIST tool. The first solution describes controller emulation in order to validate each step of the real controller’s operations. The second approach presents a way(More)
BACKGROUND Since the start of the 2009 influenza A pandemic (H1N1pdm), the World Health Organization and its member states have gathered information to characterize the clinical severity of H1N1pdm infection and to assist policy makers to determine risk groups for targeted control measures. METHODS AND FINDINGS Data were collected on approximately 70,000(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of age at implantation by assessment of speech perception in cochlear implant users with bilateral congenital deafness. DESIGN A retrospective cohort analysis of 60 cochlear implant users (age at implantation, 1.01 to 22.0 yr) who have at least 2 yr of experience. Their outcome performance was defined by the change in i)(More)
Occlusal adjustment is important in prosthodontic pre-treatment procedures and in the management of some cases of craniomandibular disorders. This may involve tooth surface reduction and tooth surface addition with an appropriate restorative material. Occlusal adjustment must be distinguished from occlusal equilibration and selective grinding with clear(More)
Remounting removable partial dentures in the laboratory after deflasking and before clinical placement has several advantages. This modified investment procedure makes it easy to remount partial dentures after processing. Preliminary adjustments of laboratory errors and inaccuracies caused by dimensional changes in heart processing of acrylic resin may be(More)
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