Albert Alderson

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T he Y2K problem and business process re-engineering have raised awareness of legacy systems. Even so, there is little consensus about what a legacy system is. The wide variety of interpretations hampers discussion. For example, business people are amazed that a profitable product can be called a legacy system. However, it has been asserted that IBM's CICS(More)
The Tracker project is studying rework in systems engineering projects. Our hypothesis is that providing decision makers with information about previous relevant decisions will assist in reducing the amount of rework in a project. We propose an architecture for the flexible integration of the tools implementing the variety of theories and models used in the(More)
The development of Web-based systems (what we call webware) is encountering problems. Generally, systems are created ad hoc, with no attention paid to evaluation, maintenance or quality. To address this, the field of 'web engineering' was introduced. The need for web engineering as a field of research has been conceptualised, discussed, and justified.(More)