Albert Aboulafia

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Cancer is a significant health problem in the adolescent and young adult population. Confusion exists within the field of pediatric oncology with respect to the definition of childhood cancer, since most population-based incidence studies define childhood cancer on the basis of age alone. We recommend that the scope of pediatric oncology include the study(More)
From 1982 to 1987 we treated 85 extra-articular comminuted distal third humeral fractures in adults with prefabricated plastic braces. Of these, 15% were open fractures and 18% had initial peripheral nerve injury. On average, the sleeve was applied 12 days after injury and used for 10 weeks. There was 96% union, with no infections. All nerve injuries(More)
Orthopaedic oncology is highly dependent on imaging studies to diagnose and treat patients. However, many types of bone tumors are rare creating a lack of teaching and research cases. We have developed a system to locally document and nationally register electronic images for teaching and research on bone tumors. The system minimizes storage requirements(More)
The diagnosis of a bone tumor in a child can be a source of great anxiety for the patient, the parents, and the treating physician. Fortunately, most bone tumors in children are benign. Although there are a variety of benign bone tumors that affect skeletally immature patients, most have such characteristic clinical and radiographic presentations that the(More)
PURPOSE Pathologic fractures could be prevented if reliable methods of fracture risk assessment were available. A multicenter prospective study was conducted to identify significant predictors of physicians' treatment plan for skeletal metastasis based on clinical fracture risk assessments and the proposed CT-based Rigidity Analysis (CTRA). EXPERIMENTAL(More)
Acute megakaryocytic leukemia is a rare form of acute myeloid leukemia that carries a poor prognosis. As most cases of osteolytic lesions are due to plasma cell and myeloid malignancies, maintaining a broad differential directly influences clinical course. We document a 45-year-old patient with progressive constitutional symptoms, osteolytic bone lesions in(More)
The transformation of a benign hemangioma into a malignant angiosarcoma has been rarely reported, with only 11 cases reported in the literature. There have been no reports of malignant transformation of hemangioma into angiosarcoma in association with epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, to our knowledge. The existence of precursor malignancies in the(More)
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