Albert A. Mikhail

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The effects of hippocampal ablation on acquisition rates and temporal characteristics of classically conditioned nictitating membrane responses were examined in groups of rabbits trained with a 150-, 300-, or 600-ms interstimulus interval. Acquisition rates were accelerated in the 150- and 600-ms groups. No effect was present in the 300-ms group. Response(More)
The effects of dorsal hippocampal lesions on retention of classical trace conditioned responses were examined using the rabbit nictitating membrane preparation. Animals were trained to criteria and then lesioned either in the cortex or in the hippocampus and the cortex. Hippocampal damage had no effect on the retention of responses but produced(More)
The effects of amphetamine injection, hippocampal lesions, and cortical lesions were examined during classical conditioning of the rabbit nictitating membrane response. An optimal interstimulus interval was employed. Whereas neocortical and hippocampal damage had no significant effect on the rate of acquisition, amphetamine treatment produced a marked(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether a relationship existed between MIB-1 labeling index (LI) percentages and survival in patients with grade II astrocytomas. From archival paraffin-embedded surgical specimens of 50 patients of the University of Michigan Medical Center with World Health Organization grade II astrocytomas, 22 patients had a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Pyeloplasty, whether open or laparoscopic, has been the mainstay of treatment for ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO). A nonstented pyeloplasty has only been reported in the pediatric literature. Herein, to the best of our knowledge, we report the first published experience with laparoscopic stentless pyeloplasty (LSP) in the(More)
We sought to evaluate post-operative return of urinary and sexual function in men undergoing robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RLRP). Prospective assessment of urinary continence and sexual function was performed in patients undergoing RLRP. Subjective assessment involved the use of the validated RAND-36 Item Health Survey/UCLA Prostate(More)
The effects of solid non-nutritive diet on pylorus-ligation ulcers were tested. An experimental group of 16 rats received a bulky mixture of silica and methylcellulose during 48 hr prior to ligation. Control rats were food deprived for the same period of time. A multivariate analysis of variance was applied to nine measures of the study. It was found that(More)
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