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Solid-state sensor nanostructured materials (SnO2, ZnO and CeO2) have been prepared by pyrolysis of macromolecular complexes: PSP-co-4-PVP x (SnCl2)n, PSP-co-4-PVP x (ZnCl2)n and PSP-co-4-PVP x (Ce(NO3)3)n in several molar ratios under air at 800 degrees C. The as-prepared nanostructured SnO2 exhibits morphologies and particle sizes which are dependent upon(More)
Introduction: The surface temperature (ST) could provide useful information about the characteristic of the terrain and could be used, for example, for study of possible permafrost and the active layer behavior, as a factor for the habitability study, in which we are interested. The ST depends on a wide variety of climatic, geologic, geographical and(More)
We consider, in the framework of General Relativity, the linear approximation of the gravitational field of the Earth taking into account its mass, its quadrupole moment, its shape and its diurnal rotation. We conclude that in the frame of reference co-moving with the Earth the local anisotropy of the space is of the order of 10 −12 − 10 −13 and could be(More)
During the last fifteen years, a great deal of theoretical attention has been devoted to casting a proper formulation of the nuclear mean field at positive and negative energies. A significant contribution to the solution of this problem can be considered the work of Mahaux and co-workers on dispersive optical-model analysis [?,?,?,?,?]. The unified(More)
The comparison between the response corresponding to a simple charge transfer taking place at an electroactive monolayer with that of an electrocatalytic process at a modified electrode are presented by using the multipulse potential techniques cyclic staircase voltammetry (CSCV) and cyclic square wave voltammetry (CSWV). General analytical and explicit(More)
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