Alban A. Letailleur

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We present a simple and cheap method for fabrication of silica nanofluidic devices for single-molecule studies. By imprinting sol-gel materials with a multi-level stamp comprising micro- and nanofeatures, channels of different depth are produced in a single process step. Calcination of the imprinted hybrid sol-gel material produces purely inorganic silica,(More)
We report the simple preparation of ultra-thin self-assembled nanoperforated titanium calcium oxide films and their use as reactive nanomasks for selective dry etching of silicon. This novel reactive nanomask is composed of TiO(2) in which up to 50% of Ti was replaced by Ca (Ca(x)Ti(1-x)O(2-x)). The system was prepared by evaporation induced self-assembly(More)
Insulin is synthesized from a precursor, proinsulin, then converted in the beta cell by sequential limited proteolysis into insulin and C-peptide, which are stored in secretory granules derived from the Golgi apparatus. Since this process is incomplete, some intact and partially processed proinsulins (split proinsulins) remain trapped in the granules and(More)
The application of Alumina-doped ZnO (AZO) films as luminescent material for large area lighting sources has been evaluated. Thin films were grown on quartz using magnetron sputtering and subsequently annealed under argon atmosphere in a rapid thermal annealing experiment. Below 550 °C, red-shift of the optical band gap and increase of the visible emission(More)
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