Alba Llibre

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The C-type lectin-like receptor CD161 is expressed by lymphocytes found in human gut and liver, as well as blood, especially natural killer (NK) cells, T helper 17 (Th17) cells, and a population of unconventional T cells known as mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells. The association of high CD161 expression with innate T-cell populations including(More)
Germinal centers (GCs) are microanatomical structures critical for the development of high-affinity Abs and B cell memory. They are organized into two zones, light and dark, with coordinated roles, controlled by local signaling. The innate lectin-like transcript 1 (LLT1) is known to be expressed on B cells, but its functional role in the GC reaction has not(More)
Lectins and C-type lectins are a heterogeneous group of proteins with a diverse range of functions. Two C-type lectins, found in the Natural Killer gene Complex (NKC), Lectin-like transcript 1 (LLT1) and CD161, have recently gained interest from a broad range of immunological and non-immunological fields. LLT1 in particular has a diverse functional(More)
Background: Receptor-ligand pairs of C-type lectin-like proteins have been shown to play an important role in cross talk between lymphocytes, as well as in immune responses within concrete tissues and structures, such as the skin or the germinal centres. The CD161-Lectin-like Transcript 1 (LLT1) pair has gained particular attention in recent years, yet a(More)
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