Alba Ledesma

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This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of interacting seminal plasma proteins (iSPP) obtained by AV or EE on frozen-thawed ram sperm in order to test the hypothesis whether this fraction could be sufficient to emulate the effect of complete seminal plasma (SP). Additionally, we evaluated whether these proteins have a differential effect between(More)
During the last decades fundamental and applied aspects of mammalian ram sperm cryopreservation have been increasingly explored by scientists and biotechnologists. Many works report modifications in the composition of the freezing extenders and explore the beneficial and detrimental effects of seminal plasma or seminal plasma components in cryopreservation.(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of seminal collection method (artificial vagina or electroejaculation) on the protein composition of seminal plasma and sperm quality parameters in Corriedale rams. To address this question, we assessed the effect of seminal collection method on motility, plasma membrane integrity and functionality,(More)
We have already shown that seminal collection method affects seminal plasma composition and sperm quality in Corriedale rams. In this study, we evaluated the effect of seminal plasma collected by electroejaculation or artificial vagina on sperm resistance to cryodamage. Seminal plasma of five rams of the Corriedale breed collected by artificial vagina or(More)
Any physiological mechanism involved in sperm selection and semen improvement has effects on heterogeneous sperm populations. This is mainly due to the fact that sperm populations within a single ejaculate have considerable heterogeneity for many variables, such as motility which is meaningful in terms of understanding how some sperm cells possess fertility(More)
Two experiments were carried out to examine in vitro quality and in vivo fertility of rabbit semen diluted in ultra-high temperature (UHT) skim milk. In the first experiment, pooled ejaculates of 10 adult rabbits were divided in three aliquots. Each aliquot was diluted in saline solution, TrisC or UHTm extender and kept at room temperature for 24 h. Sperm(More)
The uncoupling protein UCP1 is a member of a superfamily of homologous proteins formed by the mitochondrial metabolite transporters. Although they act in vivo as carriers, under specific experimental conditions some of these transporters have been shown to behave as channels. This dual transport operation suggests that these carriers are likely to be formed(More)
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