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The antispasmodic activity of extracts from the aerial parts of Buddleja scordioides and Buddleja perfoliata (family: Scrophulariaceae) was studied on isolated tissue preparations from rabbit and guinea pig intestine. The chloroformic extract from the plants exhibited a significant relaxation on the spontaneous contraction of isolated rabbit jejunum at(More)
Results on more than 1000 complete blood counts (CBC) performed on hot-blooded horses, including Thoroughbred, Standardbred, and Arabian, have been reviewed. All the data were processed and stored at the Laboratory of Haematology, Department Veterinary Clinic, University of Pisa, over the last 2 years, and involved samples withdrawn from both inpatients and(More)
Lymphoma is a solid neoplasm of the lymphoid organs ( lymph nodes, spleen, etc.). It is the most common neoplasm of the horse’s haematopoietic system, although not common in absolute terms, and has a prevalence ranging from 1% to 3% of all tumours. It is subtyped into four anatomical forms: multicentric, alimentary, mediastinic and cutaneous. Multicentric(More)
and previously classified in a family of its own, the Buddlejaceae, is now classified in the family Scrophulariaceae. Native to Asia, Africa, North and South America, Buddleja (also Buddleia), is a genus containing approximately 100 species, 50 being distributed in America, of which 16 grow in Mexico. Buddleja species are widespread and share some(More)
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