Alba Espinosa-Soria

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In this work, we report numerical simulations and experiments of the optical response of a gold nanostrip embedded in a silicon strip waveguide gap at telecom wavelengths. We show that the spectral features observed in transmission and reflection when the metallic nanostructure is inserted in the gap are extremely different than those observed in free-space(More)
Full measurement of the polarization of light at the nanoscale is expected to be crucial in many scientific and technological disciplines. Ideally, such measurements will require miniaturized Stokes polarimeters able to determine polarization nondestructively, locally, and in real time. For maximum robustness in measurement, the polarimeters should also(More)
Evanescent and tightly confined propagating waves exhibit a remarkable transverse spin density since the longitudinal component of the electric field is not negligible. In this work, we obtain via numerical simulations the electric field components of the fundamental guided modes of two waveguides typically used in silicon photonics: the strip and the slot(More)
Beam polarimetry is a versatile tool in optical technology enabling the measurement of the light polarization state. In this work, we demonstrate an on-chip polarization analyzer working at telecom wavelengths that allows for a direct measurement of the Stokes parameters of an incoming plane wave. The analyzer consists of three silicon nanoantennas coupled(More)
A gold nanostrip acting as a plasmonic nanoantenna is embedded into a gap created in a silicon waveguide to ensure maximum interaction between the guided field and the nanoantenna. We study numerically this system and demonstrate experimentally at telecom wavelengths that contrast beyond 10 dB can be achieved in transmission, opening a route for the(More)
It has been recently shown that the polarization of the source exciting a guided wave via near-field coupling plays a key role in determining the propagation direction of the guided way. This way, point dipoles exhibiting circularly polarization are converted into guided waves so that opposite excitation spins result in counter-propagating guided waves.(More)
We present a Stokes nanopolarimeter based on spin-orbit interaction of light that allows the instantaneous, non-destructive and local measurement of the polarization of light that impinges on it. The system consists of a subwavelength scatterer placed in close proximity to a multimode waveguide, so that the incoming polarization is mapped into amplitudes of(More)
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