Alba Carmona

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Endothelial dysfunction seems to be a key factor in the development of several complications observed early after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). The conditioning regimen and many other factors associated with the procedure are responsible for this endothelial damage. The effects of immunosuppressive agents on endothelial function have not(More)
Thirsty dogs rewarded by water for bursts of spontaneous salivation showed progressive increases in salivation, while other dogs, rewarded for brief periods without salivation, showed progressive decreases. No obvious motor responses were involved, but dogs rewarded for decreasing salivation appeared more drowsy than those rewarded for increasing it.(More)
Male rats with a chronically implanted device that allowed photoelectric plethysmographic measures to be made of the stomach wall were trained while paralyzed with d-tubocurarine and being artificially respirated. One group was reinforced by avoidance of and/or escape from electric shocks to the tail, whenever increases in the transmission of light through(More)
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