Alba Bigoloni

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Few data are available regarding the 10-year survival among subjects with HIV and cancer. The aim of this study was to evaluate the 10-year survival of HIV-infected subjects with AIDS-defining malignancies (ADM) or non-AIDS-defining malignancies (NADM). This was a single center, retrospective, observational study of subjects with HIV infection and a(More)
Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a growing problem in HIV population and a comparison with the general population may help screening and prevention. In this cross-sectional study the authors determined the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in 4,249 HIV-infected subjects attending the San Raffaele Infectious Diseases Department compared with 9,148 healthy(More)
We prospectively evaluated 28 triple-class experienced HIV-1-infected patients harbouring R5 virus, who received maraviroc, raltegravir and etravirine. By on-treatment analysis, 26 (92%) had less than 50 copies HIV-RNA/ml at week 48. The median (interquartile range) 48-week increase in CD4 cell counts was 267 (136-355) cells/microl. Three serious adverse(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the 24-week effects on glucose tolerance of switching from a protease inhibitor (PI)-based to an unboosted atazanavir-including regimen in highly pretreated HIV-1 infected subjects with metabolic alterations. DESIGN Prospective, open-label, single-center, 24-week pilot study. METHODS Twenty-one subjects underwent an oral glucose(More)
Darunavir and telaprevir PK data are shown in Table 1. There were decreases in all darunavir PK parameters when administered with telaprevir for both patients, except for unbound trough concentration in Patient 2. These decreases, ranging from 58% to 97%, were even higher than those previously described in healthy volunteers. However, darunavir/ritonavir(More)
INTRODUCTION The 48-week interim analysis of the MODAT study showed that confirmed virologic failure (CVF) was more frequent in patients simplifying to ATV/r monotherapy compared to maintaining ATV/r-based triple therapy. The DSMB recommended stopping study enrollment but continuing follow-up of enrolled patients. We present the 96-week efficacy analysis.(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous studies have shown that statins use is associated with a lower mortality risk or occurrence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or non-AIDS-defining malignancies (NADMs) in HIV-positive patients. We evaluated the effect of statin therapy on the occurrence of all AIDS-defining malignancy (ADM) and NADM among HIV-positive patients. DESIGN A chart(More)
OBJECTIVES Patients treated with maraviroc frequently show high CD4+ T cell increases. The aim of this study was to detail the characteristics of maraviroc-induced immune recovery. PATIENTS AND METHODS We studied T cell subsets from frozen peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients treated with raltegravir, etravirine and either maraviroc (REM, n =(More)