Alazandra Shorter

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We present the circumstances surrounding a 57-year-old Caucasian man with advanced colorectal cancer who developed relapsing interstitial lung disease following a single exposure to irinotecan (CPT-11). Progressive pulmonary insufficiency and death were reported in the initial Japanese studies, despite institution of empiric steroid therapy for a syndrome(More)
To test the contention that intra-articular gas is a radiological finding in chondrocalcinosis (CPPD), the prevalence of the sign was assessed in 44 patients with the disorder and compared to a control group of 272. We conclude that sacro-iliac gas is an inconstant finding occurring no more frequently in those with CPPD than in controls of the same age and(More)
In an ideal world, children and adults could travel anywhere as easily as they travel to work or school. Geography has stood in the way of this, until now. This paper's authors, a design team of adults and children, discuss their experiences inhabiting a telepresence robot at CHI from ~2500 miles away through six vignettes detailing their experiences. This(More)
Children are currently using 3D printers in schools, libraries, and maker-oriented spaces. As in-home use of 3D printing becomes more common, children's access to this technology will increase. Research has investigated challenges and educational opportunities around children's use of 3D printers, and has speculated on their desires. So far, little research(More)
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