Alayne Cuzick

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The Ascomycete pathogen Fusarium graminearum can infect all cereal species and lower grain yield, quality and safety. The fungus can also cause disease on Arabidopsis thaliana. In this study, the disease-causing ability of two F. graminearum mutants was analysed to further explore the parallels between the wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Arabidopsis floral(More)
PhytoPath ( is a resource for genomic and phenotypic data from plant pathogen species, that integrates phenotypic data for genes from PHI-base, an expertly curated catalog of genes with experimentally verified pathogenicity, with the Ensembl tools for data visualization and analysis. The resource is focused on fungi, protists (oomycetes)(More)
New pathogen-host interaction mechanisms can be revealed by integrating mutant phenotype data with genetic information. PHI-base is a multi-species manually curated database combining peer-reviewed published phenotype data from plant and animal pathogens and gene/protein information in a single database.
The cereal ear blight fungal pathogen Fusarium culmorum can infect Arabidopsis floral tissue, causing disease symptoms and mycotoxin production. Here we assessed the effect of seven mutants and one transgenic overexpression line, residing in either the salicylic acid (SA), jasmonic acid (JA) or ethylene (ET) defence signalling pathways, on the outcome of(More)
The pathogen-host interactions database (PHI-base) is available at PHI-base contains expertly curated molecular and biological information on genes proven to affect the outcome of pathogen-host interactions reported in peer reviewed research articles. In addition, literature that indicates specific gene alterations that did not affect the(More)
Fusarium culmorum causes ear blight disease on cereal crops resulting in considerable losses to grain yield, quality and safety. This fungus can also infect Arabidopsis floral tissues. In this study, the Arabidopsis floral infection model was used to assess the impact of five defence mutants on disease.Fusarium culmorum was spray inoculated onto the floral(More)
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