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To better understand the genetic requirements for R gene-dependent defense activation in Arabidopsis, we tested the effect of several defense response mutants on resistance specified by eight RPP genes (for resistance to Peronospora parasitica) expressed in the Col-0 background. In most cases, resistance was not suppressed by a mutation in the SAR(More)
We describe the identification of a mutant in the Arabidopsis accession Columbia (Col-0) that exhibits enhanced downy mildew (edm1) susceptibility to several Peronospora parasitica isolates, including the RPP7-diagnostic isolate Hiks1. The mutation was mapped to chromosome IV and characterized physically as a 35-kb deletion spanning seven genes. One of(More)
Specific disease resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana against the Hyaloperonospora parasitica isolate Hiks1 (HpHiks1) is mediated by RPP7. Although this disease resistance gene encodes a typical nucleotide binding site leucine-rich repeat (NB-LRR) disease resistance protein, its function is independent of the defense hormone salicylic acid and most known(More)
PhytoPath (www.phytopathdb.org) is a resource for genomic and phenotypic data from plant pathogen species, that integrates phenotypic data for genes from PHI-base, an expertly curated catalog of genes with experimentally verified pathogenicity, with the Ensembl tools for data visualization and analysis. The resource is focused on fungi, protists (oomycetes)(More)
New pathogen-host interaction mechanisms can be revealed by integrating mutant phenotype data with genetic information. PHI-base is a multi-species manually curated database combining peer-reviewed published phenotype data from plant and animal pathogens and gene/protein information in a single database.
The pathogen-host interactions database (PHI-base) is available at www.phi-base.org PHI-base contains expertly curated molecular and biological information on genes proven to affect the outcome of pathogen-host interactions reported in peer reviewed research articles. In addition, literature that indicates specific gene alterations that did not affect the(More)
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