Alavi Fard

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An efficient propagation prediction model is presented. The modeling is subdivided into three phases; preprocessing, tracing rays, and postprocessing. Information obtained from the relations between the facet pairs is employed in the preprocessing. Heuristic removal of double tracing of rays shared among adjacent tubes halves the tube tracing time. For the(More)
A fast brute force ray tracing method employed to analyze indoor radio communication environment. To speed up the numerical calculation, several improved techniques are applied. The achieved overall enhancement, measured by verification of obtained results for three indoor case studies. Significant improvements observed in terms of calculation time and(More)
Sudden upticks in load may result in low quality of service for computing systems. Therefore, a common practice is to build and operate facilities aiming at satisfying peaks in demand (e.g. load). This leads to high investment and operational costs. In this paper, we use high frequency data of computing systems, such as data centers, to calculate their(More)
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