Alastair V. Campbell

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BACP is the largest professional organisation for counselling and psychotherapy in the UK, is a company limited by guarantee 2175320 in England and Wales, and a registered charity, 298361. The original and revised versions of the Ethical Framework have been written by Professor Tim Bond and the Professional Conduct Procedures by Gráinne Griffin with the(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatic portal venous gas is a rare imaging finding most commonly associated with intestinal ischaemia and high mortality. Increased use of advanced imaging techniques has resulted in increased reporting and recognition of hepatic portal venous gas. Advanced imaging can also recognise the many associated pathologies which have variable management(More)
Alan Williams is quasi-retired Professor of Economics at the University of York who, although (by his own admission) is probably a bit past his 'best before date', is still writing and commentating on the follies of the world as he perceives them. A prescription for injustice: a case against the use of normative approaches to address equity versus(More)
AIM This paper describes the rationale, aims and development of the Singapore Translational and Clinical Research in Psychosis, which is a 5-year programme. METHODS The authors provide a selective review of the pertinent findings from the clinical, neuropsychological, genetics and neuroimaging studies on high-risk population and how they were factored in(More)
Biobanks have been heralded as essential tools for translating biomedical research into practice, driving precision medicine to improve pathways for global healthcare treatment and services. Many nations have established specific governance systems to facilitate research and to address the complex ethical, legal and social challenges that they present, but(More)
In the latest reform of the National Health Service great emphasis has been placed on the achievement and maintenance of quality. Mechanisms for ensuring this are being set up under the general title of "clinical governance". What is the meaning of this term? The metaphor behind the phrase is of navigation through stormy seas, but who guides the helmsman?(More)
Traditionally, philosophy has been regarded as operating at a level above practical application. However, the discipline can offer mental health policy and practice some valuable aid. First, its logical rigour can help to clarify concepts and expose inconsistency and prejudice; second, its wealth of theory about morality can enrich the concepts that guide(More)
The Ethics Task Force of the EAPC has done a significant job in forwarding the discussion of the relationship between palliative care and euthanasia, as the wealth of international commentary on the document surely illustrates. The positio n paper is commendably succinct and, in some respects, unambiguous in the views defended. N otably, the document(More)
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