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A Study of Bluetooth Propagation Using Accurate Indoor Location Mapping
The ubiquitous computing community has widely researched the use of 802.11 for the purpose of location inference. Meanwhile, Bluetooth is increasingly widely deployed due to its low power consumptionExpand
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Audio networking: the forgotten wireless technology
In this article, we'll review various modulation schemes we've worked with previously, covering how to transfer data to nearby smart phones as well as usability and security issues. We'll considerExpand
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Feedback, latency, accuracy: exploring tradeoffs in location-aware gaming
We are witnessing the development of large-scale location systems and a corresponding rise in the popularity of location-aware applications, especially games. Traditional computer games have pushedExpand
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The Broadband Phone Network : Experiences with Context-Aware Telephony CUED / F − INFENG / TR . 533
We introduce the Broadband Phone, a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) based phone which integrates a high-resolution, touch-sensitive LCD screen. The Broadband Phone Network features: (i) a thin-client networkExpand
NetGames 2004 Workshop Angelika Herbold Western Washington University
This year’s NetGames workshop saw a mixture of papers and prototypes focused on a number of hot topics in networked games. One area of focus was work seeking to add novel features to games such asExpand