Alastair Robb

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Every smooth minimal complex algebraic surface of general type, X, may be mapped into a moduli space, Mc2 1 (X),c2(X) , of minimal surfaces of general type, all of which have the same Chern numbers. Using the braid group and braid monodromy, we construct infinitely many new examples of pairs of minimal surfaces of general type which have the same Chern(More)
Medical humanities is an innovative way of learning. Discussing literary texts of nursing practice has been used to help students analyse attitudes, values and ethics; it has also been used to help practitioners review and reflect on their own experience and philosophy of nursing. In nursing education, it has been used to explore difficult issues in a safe(More)
As the roles of practice nurses develop, methods of offering them continuing education are being examined. A postal survey of 94 practice nurses in the Glasgow area was conducted to gain an impression of their knowledge and needs related to coronary heart disease (CHD) prevention. On the basis of the responses, a series of study days was designed and(More)
Top management involvement in IT governance may positively influence the establishment and implementation of effective IT governance within organisations. There are few studies, however, investigating those factors that drive top managements’ ability to absorb IT governance knowledge within organisations. This study offers a deeper understanding of factors(More)
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