Alastair R. Currie

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The term apoptosis is proposed for a hitherto little recognized mechanism of controlled cell deletion, which appears to play a complementary but opposite role to mitosis in the regulation of animal cell populations. Its morphological features suggest that it is an active, inherently programmed phenomenon, and it has been shown that it can be initiated or(More)
Morphological aspects of cell death associated with a cytolethal concentration of methylprednisolone sodium succinate (500 micrograms/ml) on the BLA1 lymphoblastoid cell line were studied over a 48-hr incubation period by light, transmission and scanning electron microscopy. Studies revealed two distinctive morphological changes induced by the steroid from(More)
A total of 159 operations for the excision of a preauricular sinus carried out in 117 patients over an 8-year period were reviewed. Previous excision, the use of a probe to delineate the sinus and operating under local anaesthesia all increased the chance of recurrence. The condition recurred more often in patients who developed post-operative wound sepsis(More)