Alastair P Brown

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When a child with a thermal injury suddenly becomes unwell, it is often difficult to obtain an accurate diagnosis in the early stages of the illness. Out of 71 children admitted to our burns unit over a 15-month period, 13 became acutely toxic. Most of the cases had relatively small burns and the exact reason for their sudden deterioration was not apparent(More)
No consensus exists among burn surgeons on the role of prophylactic antibiotics in prevention of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). We recently reported a series of 71 children admitted with burns to our burn unit. By Centres for Disease Control (CDC) criteria, six of these were 'definite' and four 'probable' cases of TSS. Prior to this report, none of our(More)
Peer review is a hallmark of a scientific paper. The process, in which qualified individuals (‘peers’) check over a paper for technical and logical flaws, is widely accepted to provide an important quality filter. It encourages authors to be more rigorous and can identify problems when standards drop. So although it is, of course, not perfect1, it is(More)
Acknowledgements This document pulls together information from many sources and has been influenced by input and ideas from the whole of UKCIP. It consequently reflects many conversations held with the wider stakeholder community with whom UKCIP works. It is difficult to pick out particular individuals but Laurie Newton, The views expressed in this document(More)
Im Bereich persistierender Wunden, langzeitig bestehender Narben, Verbrennungen und chronisch entzündlicher Hauterkrankungen kann es zur malignen Transformation kommen. Die Neoplasien manifestieren sich häufig als spinozelluläre Karzinome, aber auch Basalzellkarzinome sind beschrieben. Die Entwicklung von malignen Tumoren im Bereich ulzerierender Läsionen(More)