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Malignant mesothelioma is a fatal asbestos-associated malignancy originating from the lining cells (mesothelium) of the pleural and peritoneal cavities, as well as the pericardium and the tunica vaginalis. The exact prevalence is unknown but it is estimated that mesotheliomas represent less than 1% of all cancers. Its incidence is increasing, with an(More)
BACKGROUND Prognosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is poorly predicted by indices of air flow obstruction, because other factors that reflect the systemic nature of the disease also influence prognosis. OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that a reduction in quadriceps maximal voluntary contraction force (QMVC) is a useful predictor of(More)
One hundred and two consecutive patients with cerebral haematoma were prospectively allocated to one of two groups according to their CT on admission. Group 1 patients were thought to have a high probability of an underlying structural lesion and underwent cerebral angiography acutely. If normal, this was repeated at three months. Group 2 patients were(More)
Evidence has accumulated that indicates that laminectomy with or without radiotherapy is not necessarily the best mode of treatment for all cases of spinal cord compression of malignant pathogenesis. Success is limited, and there is a high risk of adverse neurological developments, particularly where there is anterior vertebral collapse. A prospective(More)
A long-term prospective study was carried out of 100 consecutive patients undergoing microlumbar discectomy (MLD) and fulfilling stringent selection criteria. A 95% long-term follow-up result was obtained at a mean duration of 8.6 years. At the 7-11-year assessment, 88% of patients had an excellent result, 5% a good result and 7% had either a poor result or(More)
Assessment of quadriceps endurance is of interest to investigators studying human disease. We hypothesized that repetitive magnetic stimulation (rMS) of the intramuscular branches of the femoral nerve could be used to induce and quantify quadriceps endurance. To test this hypothesis, we used a novel stimulating coil to compare the quadriceps endurance(More)
We evaluated the results of posterior cervical foraminotomy for spondylitic radiculopathy using a questionnaire sent to all 77 patients who had undergone surgery between 1990 and 1995 at our institution. Sixty-two patients (40 male) returned their questionnaires, one of whom had undergone two procedures (dealt with as separate events). Sixty patients(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperinflation is a recognized adverse prognostic factor in COPD. As the sniff inspiratory nasal pressure (SnIP) principally reflects the severity of hyperinflation in COPD, we hypothesized that it might also be a predictor of mortality. We therefore compared the SnIP to the inspiratory capacity-to-total lung capacity (IC/TLC) ratio as predictors(More)
1. Resting VO2 at 22.7 degrees C was 0.217 +/- 0.007 ml O2/g/hr in Nauphoeta cinerea of 0.51 +/- 0.008 g body mass. 2. Whole animal resting metabolic rate for 11 cockroach species scaled allometrically: VO2 = 0.261 M0.776. 3. Allometry of resting VO2 among cockroach species is similar to that in vertebrates, and is consistent with models based on both(More)
The digital waveguide mesh (DWM) and related finite difference time domain techniques offer significant promise for room acous-tics simulation problems. However high resolution 3-D DWMs of large spaces remain beyond the capabilities of current desktop based computers, due to prohibitively long run-times and large memory requirements. This paper examines how(More)