Alastair King

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Let C be a smooth projective curve of genus g over an algebraically closed field k. Let Mr,d be the moduli space of stable vector bundles of rank r and degree d over C. This is a smooth quasi-projective variety of dimension r(g− 1) + 1, which is projective when r and d are coprime. Up to isomorphism, it depends only on the congruence class of d mod r. The(More)
In the theory of random walks, it is notable that the central bi-nomial coeecients ? 2n n count the number of walks of three diierent special types, which may be described as`balanced', `non-negative' and`non-zero'. One of these coincidences is equivalent to the well-known convolution identity X p+q=n 2p p 2q q = 2 2n : This article brings together several(More)