Alastair John Ward Millar

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Twenty-eight of 370 patients (14 families) treated for Hirschsprung's disease (HD) over a 34 year period had a family member with histologically proven HD. These 14 represented 4% of the 351 families: more than one affected child per family in 10 (2.8%) and both parent and child in 2 families. Neuronal intestinal dysplasia (NID) in a parent was associated(More)
Controversy persists with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of the acute scrotum in children. The differential diagnosis includes torsion of the testis, torsion of one of the appendices testis and epididymo-orchitis. Clinical differentiation is notoriously difficult and our policy has been to explore the scrotum of all who present with signs of an acute(More)
The subject of malrotation and midgut volvulus in infancy and childhood is reviewed from the perspective of experience with 138 patients evaluated in a published series and a further 82 cases seen since. Embryology, historical aspects, clinical presentation, investigation, surgery, and outcome are discussed. The diagnosis of malrotation and volvulus should(More)
A high incidence (28 per 100,000 admissions) of liver abscesses is reported in children from the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Of a total of 84 childhood hepatic abscesses over a 10-year period, 51 per cent (43 patients) were primary pyogenic, 30 per cent (25 patients) amoebic, 2 per cent (two patients) Ascaris, and 17 per cent (14 patients) were(More)
INTRODUCTION This review article on the management of blunt liver injury in children is based on the authors' experience of 311 patients over a 22-year period. MATERIAL AND METHODS All children presenting to our institution with confirmed blunt liver trauma were studied retrospectively. Hospital folders of 311 patients were analysed. Information was(More)
Primary pancreatic hydatid disease is rare. The diagnosis may be difficult when the presentation is that of an unexplained epigastric mass, despite suggestive radiological and ultrasonic features. We describe a 12-year-old girl in whom the definitive diagnosis was only made at repeat operation, when appropriate surgical therapy was effected.
Iatrogenic esophageal perforations in children are rare. To evaluate patterns of injury, clinical presentation, and treatment options for such patients, the authors reviewed the case records of 11 children who had sustained transmural injury to the esophagus during a dilatation procedure at their institution between 1967 and 1994. Strictures requiring(More)
A total of 124 children aged less than 14 years with a liver abscess were seen in a 16-year period (1974-1990) and treated by non-operative initial management. Of the abscesses 98 occurred in the right liver and 26 in the left. The abscesses were solitary in 93 patients. Overall, 77 of the solitary and 21 of the multiple abscesses were confined to the right(More)
A 5-year audit of the formation, management and closure of small-bowel stomas and colostomies at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town, is described. Of the 203 patients, 128 (63%) required the stroma in the neonatal period. Anorectal malformations (80), Hirschsprung's disease (65), necrotising enterocolitis (33), trauma (11) and neoplasm(More)
Successful long term parenteral nutrition has transformed the prognosis for children with irreversible intestinal failure in the last three decades, but has also highlighted the long term complications: intestinal failure associated liver disease; recurrent catheter sepsis; and impaired venous access. Recent advances in small bowel transplantation and(More)