Alastair G Rothwell

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We reviewed the results of reconstruction of 97 upper limbs in a consecutive series of 57 tetraplegic patients, treated from 1982 to 1990. Of these, 49 had functional and eight had cosmetic reconstructions. The principal functional objectives were to provide active elbow extension, hook grip, and key pinch. Elbow extension was provided in 34 limbs, using(More)
We have reviewed the rate of revision of fully cemented, hybrid and uncemented primary total hip replacements (THRs) registered in the New Zealand Joint Registry between 1999 and December 2006 to determine whether there was any statistically significant difference in the early survival and reason for revision in these different types of fixation. The(More)
PURPOSE To perform a 10-year re-review of hand function outcome for 24 tetraplegic persons who had received bilateral tendon transfers and tenodeses. METHODS The Lamb and Chan questionnaire with additional questions, the Quadriplegic Index of Function (QIF), the Swanson sphygmomanometer technique for hook grip, the Preston Pinch Meter (PP) for key pinch,(More)
A simplified technique of the Sauvé-Kapandji (SK) procedure for disorders of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) is described. The DRUJ is transfixed by a screw but is not formally exposed and fused, the periosteum of the distal ulna is not excised, and the pronator quadratus is not advanced into the pseudarthrosis. Stability of the ulna shaft is obtained by(More)
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