Alastair Duffy

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Variations in natural abundance of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) stable isotopes are widely used as tools for many aspects of scientific research. By examining variations in the ratios of heavy to light stable isotopes, information can be obtained as to what physical, chemical and biological processes may be occurring. The spatial heterogeneity of soil(More)
Traveling waves of calcium are widely observed under conditions where the free calcium is heavily buffered. It is thus of considerable physiological interest to determine the precise effects that buffers have on the properties of traveling waves. Since calcium waves are widely believed to be the result of the reaction and diffusion of calcium, we study the(More)
The Brockhouse project at the Canadian Light Source plans the construction of three beamlines, two wiggler beamlines, and one undulator beamline, that will be dedicated to x-ray diffraction and scattering. In this work, we will describe the undulator beamline main components and performance parameters, obtained from ray tracing using XOP-SHADOW codes. The(More)
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