Alastair Dingwall

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The pH and volume of gastric aspirate were measured immediately after the induction of anaesthesia in 224 healthy children to determine the effects of decreasing the period of fasting and of giving oral premedicants before anaesthesia. Fasting for less than 4 h was found to increase the volume of gastric aspirate and the risk of developing pulmonary(More)
A simple HPLC method is presented to quantify the low concentration of hydroxylysyl pyridinoline (PYD) cross-links in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) muscle. The method involved the extraction of tissue with NaOH prior to hydrolysis, which greatly reduced the amount of protein to be hydrolyzed and made downstream operations easier and more reproducible.(More)
The effect of increasing doses of fentanyl and alfentanil administered before four intravenous induction agents (thiopentone, methohexitone, Althesin and etomidate) on the sleeping time were studied in mice. A biphasic pattern of sleeping time was noted with the more rapidly metabolized and eliminated compounds. Possible explanations are discussed.
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