Alastair Ager

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Mental health is becoming a central issue for public health complex emergencies. In this review we present a culturally valid mental health action plan based on scientific evidence that is capable of addressing the mental health effects of complex emergencies. A mental health system of primary care providers, traditional healers, and relief workers, if(More)
BACKGROUND Children in northern Uganda have undergone significant psychosocial stress during the region's lengthy conflict. A Psychosocial Structured Activities (PSSA) program was implemented in 21 schools identified as amongst those most severely affected by conflict-induced displacement across Gulu and Amuru Districts. The PSSA intervention comprised a(More)
AIMS Research into the relationship between pathogens, faecal indicator microbes and environmental factors in beach sand has been limited, yet vital to the understanding of the microbial relationship between sand and the water column and to the improvement of criteria for better human health protection at beaches. The objectives of this study were to(More)
Despite emphasis on strengthening local health care provision, concern remains regarding the rates of utilization of state-provided services within Orissa. The reported study examined patterns of service utilization across the rural population of four districts of Orissa, with special reference to perceptions of the availability and quality of state(More)
Maternal mortality ratios in northern Nigeria are among the worst in the world, over 1,000 per 100,000 live births in 2008, with a very low level and quality of maternity services. In 2009, we carried out a study of the reasons for low utilisation of antenatal and delivery care among women with recent pregnancies, and the socio-cultural beliefs and(More)
BACKGROUND There is growing evidence of the impact on children's well-being of exposure to political conflict in such settings as the Palestinian territories. This study examined the impact of child-focused interventions involving structured activities, supported by provision of equipment and training of facilitators. The focus of interventions was(More)
BACKGROUND International humanitarian aid workers providing care in emergencies are subjected to numerous chronic and traumatic stressors. OBJECTIVES To examine consequences of such experiences on aid workers' mental health and how the impact is influenced by moderating variables. METHODOLOGY We conducted a longitudinal study in a sample of(More)
Current methods to estimate the incidence of gender-based violence in complex emergencies tend to rely on nonprobability samples. Population-based monitoring is undertaken relatively infrequently. This article provides a systematic review of published literature that represents attempts to quantify the magnitude of gender-based violence in emergency(More)