Alassane Seck

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Recent studies suggest that judgments of facial masculinity reflect more than sexually dimorphic shape. Here, we investigated whether the perception of masculinity is influenced by facial cues to body height and weight. We used the average differences in three-dimensional face shape of forty men and forty women to compute a morphological masculinity score,(More)
We present a practical approach to capturing ear-to-ear face models comprising both 3D meshes and intrinsic textures (i.e. diffuse and specular albedo). Our approach is a hybrid of geometric and photometric methods and requires no geometric calibration. Photometric measurements made in a lightstage are used to estimate view dependent high resolution normal(More)
We numerically investigate the multi-channel transmission performance of Polarization Switched Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (PS-QPSK) and we compare it to the performance of Polarization-Division-Multiplexed QPSK (PDM-QPSK), using Root Raised Cosine (RRC) spectral shaping, in the context of a flexible channel grid. We point out the impact of the roll-off(More)
In this paper we propose a multi-scale Azimuthal Projection Distance Image scheme for analysing 3D texture and use it in classifying wrinkles and pores on high resolution facial normal maps. Azimuthal Projection Distance Images (APDI) have been widely used for mapping normals’ orientation to scalar values on a tangent plane. The multiscale scheme we(More)
We compare skin texture classification using various 2D texture descriptors and on the other hand, their extensions to 3D surface orientation data. We perform a multi-resolution analysis on both the 2D and 3D data. Rotation-Invariant Local Binary Patterns, Multiple Orientations Gabor Filters and CenterSymetric Autocorrelation are used to extract 2D texture(More)
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