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The intelligibility of sentences presented in noise improves when the listener can view the talker's face. Our aims were to quantify this benefit, and to relate it to individual differences among subjects in lipreading ability and among sentences in lipreading difficulty. Auditory and audiovisual speech-reception thresholds (SRTs) were measured in 20(More)
One of the most routine uses of fluorescence microscopy is colocalization, i.e., the demonstration of a relationship between pairs of biological molecules. Frequently this is presented simplistically by the use of overlays of red and green images, with areas of yellow indicating colocalization of the molecules. Colocalization data are rarely quantified and(More)
The strategy for measuring speech-reception thresholds for sentences in noise advocated by Plomp and Mimpen (Audiology, 18, 43-52, 1979) was modified to create a reliable test for measuring the difficulty which listeners have in speech reception, both auditorily and audio-visually. The test materials consist of 10 lists of 15 short sentences of homogeneous(More)
The application of self-play experiments to computer games was pioneered by Thompson in 1982 with his chess machine BELLE. Since then the technique has been widely used in a variety of games to train artificial players employing a range of artificial neural network architectures. Of particular note is the TD-learning Backgammon program of Tesauro developed(More)
The opinions expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility. 5 Quality of Service in web applications – Antoni Drudis The performance of a large distributed system depends on the way that these components interact with each other. In the case of the web applications have to provide tools to manage the performance of the solution. The Task-based(More)
The opinions expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility. We illustrate the vision of Mark Weiser, the visionary behind ubiquitous computing, and describe its technical foundation and current trends. We also give a brief overview of its implications for privacy and outline possible applications. 7 The Dreaming – Jakub Wejchert Vision and(More)
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