Alasdair Kerslake

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We tested whether mice can represent locations distributed throughout three-dimensional space, by developing a novel three-dimensional radial arm maze. The three-dimensional radial maze, or "radiolarian" maze, consists of a central spherical core from which arms project in all directions. Mice learn to retrieve food from the ends of the arms without(More)
One of the significant developments in social work over the last 10 years has been the growth of work in small groups with adolescents, under the aegis of intermediate treatment. A typical model has been a group of eight members, with two adult leaders meeting once a week for approximately six months. Although recently overshadowed by the demand for, and(More)
The current orthodoxy in social work with young offenders centres on the twin themes of justice and systems management. The first beseeches social work to use mechanisms, such as the 1982 Criminal Justice Act, as a means of improving the juvenile court process. The second seeks to provide a clear alternative to custody by redefining Intermediate Treatment(More)
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