Alasdair C Stamps

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In order to identify potential markers of renal cancer, the plasma membrane protein content of renal cell carcinoma (RCC)-derived cell lines was annotated using a proteomics process. One unusual protein identified at high levels in A498 and 786-O cells was CD70 (TNFSF7), a type II transmembrane receptor normally expressed on a subset of B, T and NK cells,(More)
A cDNA library was synthesized using RNA from bovine papillomavirus type 4 (BPV-4)-induced papillomas. The major viral transcript was characterized by sequencing of its cDNA, primer extension mapping and S1 nuclease protection studies. The transcript initiates at multiple sites between nucleotide (nt) 777 and nt 902, contains a splice junction between nt(More)
Detection of disease-associated gene transcripts in primary disease tissues is frequently confounded by the presence of non-involved cell types. Alternative methods of detecting gene expression directly within tissues involve either the generation of antibodies, which can be a lengthy process and may suffer from lack of specificity, or amplification of(More)
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