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A single-ended InP transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for next generation high-bandwidth optical fiber communication systems is presented. The TIA exhibits 48 dB-Omega transimpedance and has a 3-dB bandwidth of 92 GHz. The input-referred current noise is 20 pA/radicHz and the transimpedance group delay is below 10 ps over the entire measured frequency range.
High-performance and compact push-push oscillators operating up to 215 GHz were realized in a 0.5 /spl mu/m emitter double-heterojunction InGaAs/InP HBT (D-HBT) technology with maximum oscillation frequency f/sub max/ of 220 GHz and Vbceo>5V. Two different push-push topologies, each based on a differential Collpitt oscillators topology, were investigated.(More)
This talk will provide a general overview of the high speed electronics necessary to provide the essential physical layer interface between the high speed TDM optical signals and the lower bit-rate tributary electrical signals. We will examine the performance requirement of each critical function block and the associated compound semiconductor IC(More)
Integrated semiconductor lasers on silicon are one of the most crucial devices to enable low-cost silicon photonic integrated circuits for high-bandwidth optic communications and interconnects. While optical amplifiers and lasers are typically realized in III-V waveguide structures, it is beneficial to have an integration approach which allows flexible and(More)
Recently, InP/InGaAs/InP double-heterostructure bipolar transistors (DHBT) have attracted a lot of attention in the realization of high-speed (>40 Gb/s) optical communication systems (G. Raghaven et al., IEEE Spectrum, Oct. 2000; Y. Baeyens et al, IEEE GaAs IC Symp. Tech. Dig., pp. 125-128, 2001; Y.K. Chen et al., IEDM Tech. Dig., 2001, and OFC Tech. Dig.,(More)
The capacity of fiber-optic telecommunication systems can be increased by higher data rate signaling. We present key analog and digital circuits which find application as building blocks in future very high data rate systems. The circuits are fabricated in our indium phosphide (InP) double-heterojunction bipolar transistor (DHBT) technology. The physical(More)
A high-performance and compact 40 Gb/s driver amplifier was realized in a 1.2 /spl mu/m emitter double-heterojunction InGaAs/InP HBT (D-HBT) technology. The 2-stage differential driver features a lumped input and fully distributed output stage and delivers more then 10 Vpp output swing at 40 Gb/s with 700 fs RMS jitter and rise and fall times of less than 8(More)
A great deal of attention has been recently focused on Electrochromic (EC) materials and EC based devices, promoting mainly applications related to display technology. In this case, EC based displays are usually actuated by the application of low dc bias voltages, changing their appearance from transparent to opaque. A variety of studies related to the(More)
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