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PURPOSE To compare the effects of two different regimens of intravenous hydration and oral hydration on the duration of active labor. METHODS Two hundred and ninety-three low risk term primigravida in active labor were randomized into three groups. The first group had 99 patients who received oral fluids only, the second group of 98 patients received(More)
An Actinobacterium strain isolated from laterite soils of the Guntur region was identified as Streptomyces sp. TK-VL_333 by 16S rRNA analysis. Cultural, morphological and physiological characteristics of the strain were recorded. The secondary metabolites produced by the strain cultured on galactose-tyrosine broth were extracted and concentrated followed by(More)
CONTEXT Critical care units provide a favourable environment for the antimicrobial resistant organisms to disseminate. There is recent increase in number of extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) producers because of the emergence of CTX M Beta lactamases produced by Enterobacteriaceae. They colonize the intestinal flora and spread with greater intensity(More)
An enzyme-based drug, L-asparaginase, was produced by Nocardia levis MK-VL_113 isolated from laterite soils of Guntur region. Cultural parameters affecting the production of L-asparaginase by the strain were optimized. Maximal yields of L-asparaginase were recorded from 3-day-old culture grown in modified asparagine-glycerol salts broth with initial pH 7.0(More)
An Actinomycete isolate found to be prominent in the laterite soils of Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) Campus, Guntur was identified as Nocardia levis MK-VL_113 by 16S rRNA analysis. Cultural, morphological and physiological characteristics of the strain were recorded. Screening of secondary metabolites obtained from 4-day old culture broth of the strain(More)
Cultural factors affecting the production of L-asparaginase by Streptomyces tendae isolated from laterite soil samples of Guntur region were investigated on glycerol-asparagine-salts (modified ISP-5) broth. Optimal yields of L-asparaginase were recorded in the culture medium with the initial pH 7.0 incubated at 30 degrees C for 72 h. The strain utilized(More)
AIMS To isolate and identify the bioactive compounds produced by Nocardia levis MK-VL_113. METHODS AND RESULTS Cultural characteristics of Noc. levis isolated from laterite soils of Guntur region were recorded on International Streptomyces Project media. Morphological studies of the strain through scanning electron microscopy revealed the clear pattern of(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal vaginal discharge is a common clinical problem in reproductive age group. It is the second most common problem after abnormal uterine bleeding. It is a neglected health problem, most commonly caused due to vulvovaginal candidiasis, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis (BV). OBJECTIVES The present study was conducted to determine the(More)
A potent actinobacterial strain isolated from the marine samples of Bheemunipatnam beach, Visakhapatnam, India, was identified as Rhodococcus sp. VLD-10 using the conventional and genomic (16S rRNA) approaches. Bioactive compounds responsible for the antimicrobial activity of the strain were elucidated by cultivating the strain VLD-10 in a modified yeast(More)
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the leading cause of deaths in the developed and developing countries. CHD is always due to atherosclerosis. A number of risk factors have been reported for atherosclerosis. Of these, the major risk factors are high cholesterol level, hypertension, smoking and diabetes mellitus. Fifteen patients with coronary heart disease(More)
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