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BACKGROUND C. difficle spores in the environment of patients with C. difficile associated disease (CDAD) are difficult to eliminate. Bleach (5000 ppm) has been advocated as an effective disinfectant for the environmental surfaces of patients with CDAD. Few alternatives to bleach for non-outbreak conditions have been evaluated in controlled healthcare(More)
BACKGROUND An ultraviolet visible marker (UVM) was used to assess the cleaning compliance of housekeeping staff for toilets in a tertiary healthcare setting. METHODS The UVM was applied to the toilets of patients who were on isolation precautions due to Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD) as well as for patients who were not on isolation(More)
BACKGROUND Microbiological surveillance of patient-ready flexible endoscopes has been suggested as a tool for endoscope reprocessing quality assurance. However, a proper guideline defining the performance and the frequency of monitoring procedures and specifying how to interpret the results is lacking. MATERIALS AND METHODS All channels from the 20(More)
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