Alan Y. S. Chiang

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INTRODUCTION The evaluation of drug disposition properties of chemical entities in drug discovery research typically involves the conduct of pharmacokinetic studies in rodents that requires blood sampling over several time points, preferably without disrupting the physiological status of the animals. Several blood withdrawal methods have been employed(More)
A combination drug product with two or more active compounds may be superior to each of its components with higher dose levels and, therefore, is preferred in terms of efficacy, cost, and safety. To study a combination drug, researchers often conduct trials by using a factorial design with combinations of dose levels of each drug component. By applying some(More)
Massive multiplayer online (MMO) is a new trend for players and various game companies are rushing towards this area. As Web services technology is gaining popularity, the convenience of various platforms interacting via the Internet is becoming more readily available. Game companies that have not harnessed the use of Web services for their benefit should(More)
AIM Xin is an F-actin-binding protein expressed during development of cardiac and skeletal muscle. We used Xin-/- mice to determine the impact of Xin deficiency on different aspects of skeletal muscle health, including functionality and regeneration. METHODS Xin-/- skeletal muscles and their satellite cell (SC) population were investigated for the(More)
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