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Ideological Effects of the Basic Cinematographic Apparatus
The debate over cinema and ideology let loose by the spectacular political events in France of May 1968 has transformed Cahiers du Cinema and much of French film thought. Baudry's article, whichExpand
The Zoroastrian myth of migration from Iran and settlement in the Indian diaspora : text, translation and analysis of the 16th century Qeṣṣe-ye Sanjān "The story of Sanjan"
The Qesse-ye Sanjan is the sole surviving account of the emigration of Zoroastrians from Iran to India to form the Parsi ('Persian') community. Written in Persian couplets in India in 1599 by aExpand
Structures of Narrativity in Fritz Lang's Metropolis
This study will attempt a narrative analysis of Fritz Lang's Metropolis using concepts developed by A.-G. Greimas, particularly those of his "Elements d'une grammaire narrative" (Paris: Le Seuil, inExpand
Resolving the culture conundrum : a conceptual framework for the management of culture in TESOL
The thesis explores the place of culture in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). The study originally set out to investigate the ways in which teachers understand cultureExpand
The Ethics of TESOL a quarter century on
Discussion of ethical considerations in Australian TESOL began 25 years ago, with arguments about the need for TESOL professionals to be aware of the potentially harmful consequences of their work,Expand
The body and the boundaries of Zoroastrian spirituality
Abstract In this paper I offer some introductory reflections on the body in the structure of Zoroastrian thought, based upon the evidence of Avestan and Middle Persian sources. In Zoroastrianism theExpand
The Ethics of TESOL
Learning a language internalise a new way of looking at the world and relating to people. Moral dilemmas in teaching English to speakers of other languages are discussed and suggestions of someExpand
The Circles of Desire: Narration and Representation in "La Ronde"
Film analysis as a whole, and particularly work on narrativity in film, is still in an early stage of development, and no sort of relatively fixed methodology can be set up at this point. OneExpand