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The impacts of deep-sea fisheries on benthic communities: a review
Deep-sea fisheries operate globally throughout the world's oceans, chiefly targeting stocks on the upper and mid-continental slope and offshore seamounts. Major commercial fisheries occur, or haveExpand
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Seabed habitat on the south-eastern Australian continental shelf: context, vulnerability and monitoring
A hierarchical approach to mapping seabed habitat is presented. A provincial scale survey that included hydrography and geology provided the context for interpreting habitat use and vulnerability. AExpand
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The Knight and the Blast Furnace: A History of the Metallurgy of Armour in the Middle Ages & the Early Modern Period
Foreword by Claude Blair Acknowledgements SECTION ONE IRON 1.1 The earliest ironmaking 1.2 Swords 1.3 Hardening of steel SECTION TWO MAIL 2.1 Mail 2.2 Armour of the later Roman Empire and the earlyExpand
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Pelagic biomass and community structure over the mid-continental slope off southeastern Australia based upon acoustic and midwater trawl sampling
We compare estimates of biomass and communlty structure based upon depth-stratified sampling from 0 to 900 m at a site on the continental slope south of Tasmania. Australia, using an EK500 acousticExpand
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Australia’s deep-water reserve network: implications of false homogeneity for classifying abiotic surrogates of biodiversity
Williams, A., Bax, N. J., Kloser, R. J., Althaus, F., Barker, B., and Keith G. 2009. Australia’s deep-water reserve network: implications of false homogeneity for classifying abiotic surrogates ofExpand
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Scales of habitat heterogeneity and megabenthos biodiversity on an extensive Australian continental margin (100–1100 m depths)
The first large systematic collection of benthic invertebrate megafauna from the Australian continental margin (depths > 100 m) revealed high species richness and novelty on the south-westernExpand
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Diversity, density and community structure of the demersal fish fauna of the continental slope off western Australia (20 to 35° S)
The first survey of the continental-slope demersal fish fauna off the west coast of Aus- tralia — the region between latitudes 20 to 35° S in depths from ~200 to 1500 m — was undertaken in 1991. MostExpand
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Delineating fish-habitat associations for spatially based management: an example from the south-eastern Australian continental shelf
A multi-scale, multi-gear survey identified the spatial structure and compositions of fish communities from a range of seabed types on the south-eastern Australian continental shelf (25 m to ∼200 mExpand
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Evaluating impacts of fishing on benthic habitats: a risk assessment framework applied to Australian fisheries
Ecosystem-based management (EBM), in the context of fishing, considers impacts on all parts of an exploited marine ecosystem. Understanding the impacts of fishing on habitats is a necessary part ofExpand
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