Alan Westover

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The advent of thermostable enzymes has led to great advances in molecular biology, such as the development of PCR and ligase chain reaction. However, isolation of naturally thermostable enzymes has been restricted to those existing in thermophylic bacteria. Here, we show that the disaccharide trehalose enables enzymes to maintain their normal activity(More)
We report here an improved protocol for the preparation of full-length cDNA libraries that improves the previously reported method (Carninci, P., Kvam, K., Kitamura, A. et al. 1996, Genomics, 137, 327-336), that allows long cDNAs to be cloned more efficiently. One potential disadvantage of the original biotinylated CAP trapper protocol is the exposure of(More)
Volume rendering is the generation of images from discrete samples of volume data. The volume data is sampled in at least three dimensions and comes in three basic classes: the rectilinear mesh-for example, a stack of computed tomography scans; the curvilinear mesh-for example, computational fluid dynamic data sets of the flow of air over an airplane wing;(More)
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