Alan W Reichow

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BACKGROUND The optometric discipline of sports vision is a relatively young and actively growing area which has spurred the interest of optometrists and sports organizations at the high school, college, and professional levels. METHODS 473 optometrists were surveyed and compared to a similar survey sent to 100 optometrists in 1980 and 1983. Also, college(More)
BACKGROUND Laser pointers have been used inappropriately to harass and "dazzle" victims. Reports of retinal damage caused by pointers have also been circulated in the popular press. METHODS Information on pointer abuse was collected from the literature and through discussions with specialists. RESULTS Few, if any, documented cases of permanent retinal(More)
BACKGROUND Millions of dollars are spent each year by individuals seeking to improve their athletic performance. One area of visual training is the use of the tachistoscope, which measures inspection time or visual recognition time. Although the potential of the tachistoscope as a training tool has received some research attention, its use as a means of(More)
Four-meter heterophoria and fixation disparity measurements were taken from a sample of 40 young adults in primary gaze, 33 degrees left and right lateral gaze, and in 2 head/gaze positions related to golf putting. Comparisons using analysis of variance were made between the mean values in each gaze position and between the test-retest range of values in(More)
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